How To Make Your Penis Bigger -
2 Methods for Fast Permanent Penis Enlargement


how to make you penis bigger by 3 inchesIf your answer is yes, and you could use an extra 3 inches, then read on.

This article would give you the most effective yet the most affordable ways to make your
penis bigger.

As you already know, about 79% of men have issues with the size of their penis, and like you are searching for a solution.

The internet is flooded with misinformation and finding a real penis enlargement treatment can be frustrating, I know I've been there.

Beware of any method that promises you instant results, these are designed to suck the money out of you wallet and could also cause physical harm to your penis and to your body in general.

Fortunately, here are natural ways that are proven to have permanent effects of increasing the size and girth of your penis.

Here at, we give you 2 methods that we've tested and are proven to get you gains fast!

Penis Exercises - make your penis bigger using only your hands

Penis exercises answers every man's question "how to get a bigger penis?"
 Simply put, penis enlargement exercises, use different manual techniques to apply tension to your penis shaft. Consistent
 use of these exercises expands the erectile tissues and increases the volume of blood held within the erectile chamber, resulting in a larger penis.

This is how to get a bigger penisHow much can I expect to gain?

The question should be: How much do YOU want to gain and how badly do you want it?

Many guys just like you have gained well over an inch in length, several have added over two and even fewer have been able to attain gains of over three and still fewer have managed to accomplish whooping four inch gains.

With the right instruction, all this becomes possible. But it also comes down to your dedication and how badly you want it.

When can I expect to start noticing gains?

The vast majority of guys, who perform penis exercises consistently, see awesome gains within the first three months. However, if you don't vary your exercise routine, this growth rate slows down over time.

Do you want to add and inch or more? Well, this might require a year or more of consistent effort on your part.

Of course, you could get lucky and achieve substantial gains in a remarkably short space of time, but this is the exception to the rule. You should look at natural penis enlargement as a marathon and not a sprint, but trust me the end result is definitely worth all the hard work and dedication.

Are these techniques safe? What are the risks involved?

The natural penis exercises on this site have all been medically endorsed and are 100% safe,providing you carry out the exercises exactly as instructed.


Now Listen:

Without a proper, well laid out, detailed plan; the maximum benefit of these exercises could never be achieved.

Following an endorsed penis exercise regimen could mean the difference between a 3 inch gain and you giving up in frustration.

This is why I strongly recommend you get and stick with a tried and tested penis enlargement exercise program like Penis Advantage.

Forget endlessly scouring the internet for bits and pieces of information trying to figure out how make your penis bigger.

End all the guesswork and try a natural enlargement program that has been proven time and time again to add inches by literally thousands of successful users .

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Penis Extenders - Medically proven to make your penis bigger

Penis Extenders work on the well-known principle that any part of the body, when placed under stress is capable of growing and adapting to that stress.

make your penis bigger with an extenderIn this way Penile stretching has been the medically proven answer to how to get a bigger dick quickly and safely.

This is because the penile ligaments and tissues are forced to breakdown when stretched.

They then rebuild and grow greater in length and girth to adapt to these new stresses.
Similar to how your bicep gets bigger the more curls to do at the gym...

The best thing about using an extender is that it applies constant tension, allowing you to achieve the quickest size increases of all penis enlargement solutions available.

Most importantly, in contrast to using some other penis enlargement products that are known to cause adverse effects, extenders do not cause any harm to your body.

But when used as directed, they are safe, easy and highly effective.

Without a doubt extenders are the fastest solution for the less than average penis.

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You don’t have to settle for the size you've got.

Don't procrastinate anymore, This is how to make your penis bigger.