Actual Penis Enlargement before and after photos:


Penis Extenders have been clinically proven to add up to 3 inches. Typically, men achieve a 33% increase on the starting length and between 30-50% in girth.

Extenders been  proven  successful in providing permanent size gains when used as directed. Below are a just few user testimonials and photos showing exactly what is possible when a penis extender is used.

Richard's Testimonial:

 Richard before  Richard erect lenght after
 Richard erect girth  Richard's erect girth after

Richard,  Nottingham (UK) 

After a short period of getting used to the device, I quickly found it easy to use and after just one month of wearing it (an average of 2-3 hours per day), I started to experience great results.

Firstly I noticed that my erections were harder than they had ever been and that I had better control during intercourse. I also gained around 0.5 inches in length and 0.3 inches in girth that month.

Using this device has really boosted my self-confidence, both in and out the bedroom, and I would whole- heartedly endorse this product to anyone wanting to gain the kinds of benefits that I myself have experienced. Give it a try – you’ve got nothing to lose!

Starting measurements:

Starting flaccid length: 5 inches
Starting erect length: 6.9 inches
Starting erect girth: 5.4 inches


Flaccid length: 6.8 inches
Erect length: 8.7 inches
Erect girth: 6 inches


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 Mikey's Testimonial:

 Mickey before  Mikey after

Mikey, Norfolk (UK)

I wasn’t so much sceptical with the device as I was scared that it would rip my penis off lol.

But it has worked wonders. Initially the device wasn’t the easiest thing to wear but after a month my body got used to wearing it. I actually completely customized my device with things I found around the house like a piece of sock to cushion the penis.

I didn’t have any wild dreams of having a 9 inch dong. That’s what I think the problem is with men wanting a bigger penis, they set there goals too high!

It’s like working out, you have to put in the time and patience and then you’ll get results. I have now been using the device for a little over 4 months now and I think it’s a great buy. The customer service is also really helpful.

Starting measurements:

Starting flaccid length: 2.89 inches
Starting erect length: 4.8 inches


Flaccid length: 4 inches
Erect length: 5.5 inches


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